‘Sherlock’ Victorian-Set Special Remains Shrouded In Mystery After Q&A – TCA

Ou quand la diffusion du spécial rime avec secret d’état.

Je ne peux m’empêcher de rire en voyant comment Steven Moffat reste le roi de la pirouette en interview. Ils ont du se manger les doigts de frustration dans la salle.


Sherlock EP Steven Moffat and PBS’s Masterpiece chief Rebecca Eaton worked like gangbusters this morning, for the better part of an hour, making sure to convey no actual information about the Sherlock one-off special, which will be set in the Victorian era.

Though it’s been widely reported the program will be a Christmas special in the UK, and a trailer of what has been described as such was screened at Comic-Con (watch it below), Eaton and Moffat steadfastly declined to confirm. Journalists in the hall were left deducing, like the famous sleuth, that it must be airing in the U.S. some time before January, or PBS would have waited until the January TCA to hold this Q&A.

« We are aiming for zero cognitive content in our answers today, » Moffat joked while journalists figuratively tore at their hair. Eaton said PBS is waiting on BBC to decide when it will air…

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