Le p’tit bonheur/ Little Happiness #24

« Cette idée de billet pleine de poésie et philosophie a été initiée par mon amie Pause Earl Grey. Une incitation pleine de douceur à profiter pleinement de la vie en racontant un petit quelque chose qui nous a rendu heureux cette semaine. Tous ces petits tout qui font ces petits riens, comme disait l’autre. »

Little Happiness in english, because it’s a big thanks to a Sherlocked friend of mine.

Two years ago, I had the proof that Sherlock’s fandom, but also cast and crew, are full of wonderful people. I met one of my best friend.

When the time came for another Convention, we were ready to live this new adventure together. And what an adventure it was !

Someone to face the day with
Make it through all the rest with
Someone I’ll always laugh with

Since, time to time, i found little geeky touches of frienship in my mailbox.


It looks like my letter from Hogwart, doesn’t it ? And it’s full of surprises from one geek to another. Full of happiness too…


Thanks my dear friend.